Are you an estate manager, landlord or someone tasked with looking after a raft of tennanted properties struggling to keep all the plates spinning?

That’s one of the reasons we created Commercial Chimney Sweeping LTD to focus on Commercial custoners and help aleviate their workload, by undertaking the task, doing the paperwork and keeping everyone informed of what is going on and what work needs doing.

Established in 2016 I carried out my training with one of the leading chimney sweep associations. I then completed my HETAS training to become an HETAS approved Chimney Sweep. Over the years I’ve taken a very keen interest in learning as much as possible to pass my knowledge onto my customers and make me a more competent chimney sweep.

We can provide very comprehensive chimney surveys and offer consultancy work for problematic scenarios.

To confirm my competency I was proudly awared ‘Master Chimney Sweep’ status by The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps and as 2018 came to an end I completed my Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Chimney Sweeping, which is the only externally verified ‘qualification’ currently in the Chimney Sweeping industry.

With a passion for the job married with the ability and drive to make sure the customer experience is as seemless as possible we are the ones you trust to carry out the chimney sweeping for your properties.


Thomas Wiggins

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