With multiple properties to maintain and legal responsibilities to uphold when it comes to the up keep of a number of solid fuel appliances it can be a challanging task to keep on top of.

As part of our packages we create a comprehensive audit trail for your appliances and chimneys, detailing any defects that need attention and reporting back to you on them, storing photo evidence of our findings on a ‘client hub’ where you have 24/7 access via a secure web login, keeping digital copies of the relevant industry standard certificates, liasing with your tennants to create a suitable working schedule and providing all required sweeping and appliance maintanence services.

We can also carry out maintanence as part of a yearly service schedule. Providing bespoke quotes for each appliance we attend where work is required.

Whilst out sweeping we will look to make sure all safety aspects are covered, for instance that the Carbon Monoxide alarm is in date, installed correctly according to the manufacturers instructions and has a working battery. Also that the tennant is using the appliance responsibly and safely.

For more information on how we can help with your chimney sweeping requirements please get in touch. 


Contract Sweeping:
Pictured is the sweeping of 2 x oil boilers we look after for one of our clients.