Not all ‘CCTV Surveys’ are equal, we offer varying levels of inspections, surveys and written reports depending on what is required.

The most important part of a CCTV survey is knowing what you can see on the screen, being able to identify any problems and then communicating that both verbally and/or by way of a comprehensive report.

This can be followed up with appropriate advice on rectifying any faults, and where required we can orchastrate the repairs on behalf of our clients using a team of recommended people who deliver top class service.

It’s imperitive that whoever you employ to do your CCTV survey, that they use the proper tools to do the job. Most chimney CCTV cameras are a fixed camera and only suitable to carry out ‘look-see’ inspections, either looking up, or down. We have invested in our equipment to have the latest high tech pan and tilt camera, allowing us to see the full picture while carrying out our surveys, document it through HD video and report on our findings, acuratley, first time.

Get in contact for a no obligation quote for a CCTV survey or ‘look-see’ insepction.


CCTV Surveys: Sample of video footage