The Biomass market is very varied, you can have a small top fed pellet stove, or a 1mw+ woodchip fed district heating biomass system. Both have their own flue systems but the differences can be quite extreme.

We are well versed in both scenarios, and everything inbetween. With commercial installations for Biomass the flue system can be configured to the constraints of the building. This can lead to much more involvement than a standard flue sweep, with speciailist items such as mobile elevated working platforms or temporary scaffolding required. We take care of all the different parts involved of the job, providing a one stop shop for sweeping the flue.

Having the right equipment is absoloutley necessary to make sure the flue can be swept properly and the soot deposits removed effectively. Having experienced a large variation of jobs we are well placed to conduct proper and thorough site visits and forsee the issues that may crop up and deal with them ahead of our sweeping visit.

It is recommended that the flues of Biomass boilers are swept a minimum of once a year, those with horizontal sections are recommended to be swept twice a year.

Over our years we have worked closely with a select few service engineers who we trust to carry out top class Biomass boiler servicing. If you are in need of your Boiler(s) servicing then please get in touch for their contact details.

The best time for Biomass flue sweeping and servicing is throught the summer months whilst the demand on the heating and hot water is a lot lower.

To book in your Biomass sweeping please get in touch using the link below.


Biomass Flue Sweeping: Picture of 2 x HDF Boiler Flues.